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Bad Science Watch is an independent non-profit consumer protection watchdog and science advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by countering bad science. We are driven by a vision of a safer, healthier, and more prosperous Canada where critical thinking and sound science are paramount in the making of important societal decisions.

Health Supplement Retailers Make Illegal Claims

In today’s online market, consumers have easy and quick access to a vast range of products like never before, after only a few clicks on a computer or taps on a tablet or smartphone. This includes access to a growing market of Natural Health Products available through online shopping. Health Canada places things like vitamins, […]

ACTION ALERT: Health Canada Consultation

Until May 26th, 2017, Health Canada is accepting submissions for a public consultation on a white paper called “Public Release of Clinical Information in Drug Submissions and Medical Device Applications” that describes the framework for the release of clinical trial reports and other data when a new pharmaceutical or medical device is licensed for sale in […]

Canadian Science Policy Conference 2016

Once again, Bad Science Watch is a community supporter of the Canadian Science Policy Conference 2016. Last year, we presented our argument for stronger regulations surrounding natural health products at a pre-conference session on evidence-based policy development. This is an important opportunity to strengthen relationships with policy makers in Ottawa and we are committed to […]

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