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Toronto, Canada, – Friday April 5th, 2013 – Bad Science Watch, a Canadian consumer protection watchdog, announced today that it has updated the popular browser-based complaint-filing tool FishBarrel for use in Canada.

FishBarrel, a creation of Simon Perry of the United Kingdom, is a plug-in for Google’s Chrome browser that is used to submit complaints about misleading or fraudulent health claims on websites to the relevant regulator or standards agency. The initial Canadian version supported submissions to the Competition Bureau, but was broken when changes were made to their website. The updated version accommodates the changes, and also introduces the ability to make submissions to Advertising Standards Canada in addition to the Competition Bureau.

“Thanks to our volunteers, FishBarrel is available again to Canadians,” said Jamie Williams, Executive Director of Bad Science Watch, “and the new functionality we’ve introduced will make it even easier for them to report websites of individuals and businesses making unsubstantiated claims.”
The project was undertaken in part to support Bad Science Watch’s Stop Nosodes campaign. The campaign aims to rid dangerous homeopathic “vaccine alternatives” from Canadian store shelves. Information about the campaign and the use of FishBarrel can be found at

Bad Science Watch is an independent non-profit watchdog and advocate for the enforcement and strengthening of consumer protection regulation.

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