Bad Science Watch Welcomes New Changes to Homeopathic Labeling but Canadians Still at Risk

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On August 4, 2015, Bad Science Watch sent out the following release in response to changes in the regulation of homeopathic products by Health Canada.

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Aug. 4, 2015) – Bad Science Watch is celebrating cautiously
today after Health Canada laid out stronger warning labels for homeopathic nosodes, sold as vaccine
alternatives, and stricter approval process for homeopathic cough, cold, and flu preparations for
children under 12.


Nosodes are often prescribed by homeopaths as vaccine alternatives, despite the lack of evidence
for their effectiveness. The new labeling standard for these products will include a much stronger
warning against using these products in place of vaccines. This follows initial label changes in June of
2013 brought about by Bad Science Watch’s 2013 Stop Nosodes campaign.


The change to the homeopathic cough, cold, and flu preparations approval process means that
Health Canada will no longer approve specific health claims for these products unless they are
accompanied by scientific evidence. There is no indication if previously approved products will
require label changes. Approval is granted by the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products
Directorate (NNHPD) at Health Canada.


While Bad Science Watch applauds these changes and sees them as a victory for organized science
advocacy in Canada, they illustrate that the Minister of Health has entirely missed the point of
criticisms. “Homeopaths will continue to be able to prescribe nosodes as vaccines despite the new
label warnings,” says Bad Science Watch board chair Michael Kruse. “This will not stop them trying
to prevent serious childhood disease with useless sugar pills.”


On the subject of the cough preps, Kruse was even stronger in his criticism: “This one change
ignores the much larger problem with the approval process. There is no scientific evidence that
homeopathic preparations are good for any indication; you can just produce an entry from an old
homeopathic drug book and get your product approved. The approval process is seriously flawed.”


Bad Science Watch is continuing to push for reform at the NNHPD at Health Canada to protect
Canadians from dubious and ineffective natural health products and regulation.


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