Bad Science Watch Endorses Royal Society of Canada’s Expert Panel Review of Safety Code 6

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Bad Science Watch has issued a supportive press release in response to a new report from a Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel reviewing Safety Code 6:

Bad Science Watch Endorses Royal Society of Canada’s Expert Panel Review of Safety Code 6

Consumer protection and science advocacy group pleased the report has rejected claims of anti-wireless campaigners.

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – April 1, 2014) – Bad Science Watch has fully endorsed the latest report of the Royal Society of Canada’s Expert Panel reviewing Safety Code 6. The science advocacy group has been fighting the misinformation and fear mongering of anti-wireless campaigners since 2012, and stood against them at the Expert Panel’s public consultation last year.

Anti-wireless organizations have called for severe tightening of the regulations that set electromagnetic energy exposure limits, known as Safety Code 6, and say that WiFi, smart meters, and cell phones cause health problems for people with “electromagnetic hypersensitivity”.

Bad Science Watch has reviewed the highest-level evidence regarding these claims and found them to be unsupported. Research shows that people claiming to suffer “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” cannot detect the presence of electromagnetic fields when a source is hidden from them, and that their symptoms have other causes.

Based on these findings, Bad Science Watch science adviser Dr. Rob Tarzwell, a specialist in both nuclear medicine and psychiatry, presented evidence to the Expert Panel that the claims of the anti-wireless lobby are without merit and are harming the public.

“Many distressed people have been misled by these groups into believing their health problems are caused by electromagnetic fields,” said Dr. Tarzwell. “This worsens their suffering as it stops them from getting the care they deserve.”

Further information about Bad Science Watch’s work can be found at
Bad Science Watch is an independent consumer protection organization dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by advocating for good science in public policy.


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Executive Director

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