Bad Science Watch Returns From Hiatus

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We are happy to announce that the hiatus for Bad Science Watch is over and we are refocusing our efforts to hold the Canadian government accountable for good science in public policy.

After the my email to some of you last fall, I was not sure that I would be able to return and lead the organization effectively. With the high demands our all-volunteer organization makes on its leadership it was no surprise that at the end of a very busy four months I was burned out. We had also undertaken a strategic planning process that was demanding for a small organization, but necessary for our future growth and sustainability.

What this process has taught the board and me is that we need to focus on our strengths and our past success instead of overreaching, or we risk straining our dedicated volunteers to the breaking point.

That being said, there is still so much to do for science advocacy in Canada. We are one of the only organizations pushing back against the many well-funded commercial interests trying to weaken the already abysmal regulations for natural health products (NHPs). We have managed to bring these messages to a receptive public and shame a reluctant bureaucracy. We need to do more.

It is to this end that we will be focusing on two ongoing projects in the coming months: a newly revamped NHP marketing survey and our standing committee for NHP consultations.

The marketing survey will identify dubious products that are being marketed far outside of their product licenses and lay bare the problems in the under-funded and under-powered Marketed Health Products Directorate.

The NHP consultations group will continue their great work of commenting on the poor way that the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate uses evidence to license NHPs. Given the criticisms tabled by the CBC Fifth Estate program last fall, it is clear the agency needs a much stronger approach to licensing products that Canadians rely upon for their health.

Both of these projects will need your help. We need you to volunteer for these projects and to donate to the organization. We will be continuing our efforts to find alternate sources of funding that does not include industry money, and in the mean time we need your support to make sure that we have the resources to fight these fights.

We encourage you to go to our donor page today ( and start a monthly donation or email us at for information on how to volunteer. We will only succeed with your help!

And finally, a hardy thank you to those who have stuck with us and continued to donate monthly! We are very grateful for your confidence in Bad Science Watch and we will work hard to maintain your support over the coming years.

Thank you,
Michael Kruse
executive director
Bad Science Watch

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