NDP Proposed Resolution on EHS Defies Science

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It was brought to our attention by a supporter this week that the New Democratic Party (NDP) had offered a proposal up for consideration on the floor at the conference in Montreal this weekend that would call for possible changes to the emission standards of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) and to acknowledge the existence of electro-hypersensitivity or EHS, as caused by EMR:

#70 – Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure

Submitted by the Disability Rights Committee

WHEREAS wireless communications and technologies are expanding exponentially, and extensive exposure to electromagnetic radiation is relatively new (generally less than 10 years); and

WHEREAS the long-term effects of long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation on the biology and health of the human body and the environment has not been conclusively determined; and

WHEREAS electromagnetic hypersensitivity is on the increase worldwide;

BE IT RESOLVED that the following clause be added to section 1.13 of the policy book:

[New Democrats believe in:] “x”) requiring that Health Canada’s regulations on the safety and safe exposure limits of electromagnetic radiation ensure the biological integrity and health of humans and the environment and be based on research conducted by independent and unbiased (unaffiliated with industry) scientists.

In response, Bad Science Watch forwarded our position paper on EHS to every NDP MP with the following message:


In advance of the conference in Montreal this weekend, and pursuant to resolution 70 put forward by the Disability Rights Committee, please see our independent analysis of the dubious diagnosis of electro-hypersensitivity. While we do not dispute its existence, there is no good evidence that the syndrome is actually caused by electro-magnetic radiation (EMR). Accordingly, the resolution below makes unsupportable assumptions about its existence and cause, and will further obscure the real cause for these symptoms that will result in a delay in receiving proper treatment.

In this era of a decreased reliance on evidence in the Harper government we cannot allow ideology to trump evidence. The evidence is quite clear when it comes to electro-hypersensitivity: it is not caused by EMR. Despite the conspiracy-mongering by some of the activists involved in the promotion of this connection, the weight of evidence does not support the idea. We ask you to consider all of the science involved in this decision, not just evidence that is cherry-picked to agree with anti-corporate ideology.

Bad Science Watch is an independent consumer protection organisation that promotes good science in public policy. We are comprised of concerned members of the public, we are funded by small donations made by individuals, and we have no funding from corporate interests. Please see our website for more details at www.badsciencewatch.ca

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us

Michael Kruse

Chair, Board of Directors

Bad Science Watch

We will hope that science trumps ideology and this resolution dies in committee.

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