New Health Canada NHP Monograph Has Serious Safety Problems

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Toronto, February 13, 2015 – Today, the NHP Monograph Consultation committee at Bad Science Watch submitted a new consultation that is very critical of the proposed monograph for Multiple Ingredient Fixed Oil Products − Oral released by the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Product Directorate (NNHPD) at Health Canada.

The committee found that the seeming disregard for published safety information on several products, including evidence for anaphylatic allergic reactions, bleeding and blood sugar problems, and risks to pregnant women will put the Canadian public at risk if the monograph is allowed to remain as it is.  As well, the evidence used by Health Canada to justify their conclusions is often not cited or listed as being from “internal sources”.  This, along with the relatively short period for consultation for a monograph containing  24 products, casts a dark shadow on Health Canada’s commitment to transparency and openness in this process and suggests that the entire process needs a thorough high level review before continuing.

This is not the first time Bad Science Watch has identified serious short-comings in the evidence review process in the NNHPD. The committee’s report on Traditional Chinese Medicines brought up similar serious short-comings in the NNHPD and their submission on homeopathic nosodes was national news and resulted in a label change in these bogus “vaccine alternatives.”

The new submission can be found on the committee’s project page here.

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