Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation: Drop Jenny McCarthy

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On Thursday, January 31st, 2013, we sent a letter to the organisers of the breast cancer  fundraising event Bust A Move 2013 in Ottawa, ON.  The fundraiser, sponsored by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, has invited the anti-vaccination proponent Jenny McCarthy to lead the all-day fitness event.  Bad Science Watch has joined the growing opposition for this decision.  The text of our letter is below.

Please help us convince the ORCF to drop McCarthy:

  1. Send a letter to the ORCF.
  2. Tweet your opposition using #dropjenny.
  3. Donate to the ORCF if they agree to drop McCarthy from the line-up.
  4. Share this with your friends and help spread the message.

Bernice Rachkowski
Leadership Committee Chair
Bust a Move 2013

Dear Ms Rachkowski,
We are writing to you today to express our disappointment with your recent decision to invite anti-vaccination celebrity Jenny McCarthy to be your guest at the Bust A Move 2013 breast cancer fundraising event.

Ms. McCarthy has distinguished herself over the last several years as a noted activist promoting the dangerous idea that vaccines cause autism and recommending that parents not vaccinate their children against deadly childhood diseases. This position is scientifically untenable and as an organization funding scientific research, we would hope the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation would agree.

The anti-vaccination movement has contributed to a significant drop in the vaccination rates in both the US and Canada, which has enabled outbreaks of diseases like pertussis (whooping cough), measles, and mumps. These diseases were on the brink of elimination in North America not 20 years ago. Ms. McCarthy’s efforts could also be implicated in the spread of misinformation about the HPV vaccine, a safe and effective vaccine that helps to prevent cervical cancer.

Ms. McCarthy’s efforts continue to endanger both children and adults in our communities and work in opposition to the efforts of the ORCF to promote science based cancer care. It is for these reasons that we believe she is an entirely inappropriate guest for Bust A Move 2013, and we hope that your organization will withdraw its offer to her to lead the fundraiser.

Please reconsider this decision and show your commitment to good science in medicine.

Respectfully yours,

Jamie Williams
Executive Director
Bad Science Watch

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