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As we re-focus our efforts on our strengths and successes, we have closed our active work on IEI-EMF. Please contact us at for more information. Media inquiries are welcome.

Fighting Fear and Misinformation

In 2012 Bad Science Watch published a position paper on Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance Attributed to Electromagnetic Fields (IEI-EMF) in response to the small but very vocal segment of the public that is campaigning against wireless technology. Despite the scientific consensus that so-called “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” is a misdiagnosis and that modern consumer wireless devices are safe, these activists are trying to change public policy and hinder the use of such devices as WiFi and Smart Meters through aggressive campaigns based on fear mongering and misinformation. People with certain debilitating symptoms are being told that their suffering is due to electromagnetic fields, and this misdiagnosis with a non-existent condition prevents them from receiving effective care and treatment.

Since the encouraging reception of our paper, we have endeavoured to prevent these campaigns from causing further harm, and ensure that public officials and the Canadian people have all of the facts they need to make informed choices.

Submission to Health Canada on Safety Code 6

We have submitted a brief summary of our position on the scientific evidence surrounding IEI-EMF to Health Canada as a part of their public consultation on the update to Safety Code 6, the regulations covering emissions from wireless devices.

BSW HC SC6 Consultation Submission July 11 2014

Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel

In 2013, science adviser Dr. Rob Tarzwell presented evidence to an Expert Panel of the Royal Society of Canada responsible for developing recommendations for a review of Safety Code 6, the Industry Canada regulations defining safe exposure to electromagnetic fields. His notes can be found here: Royal Society of Canada 2012 SC6 Presentation Notes

BC Human Rights Tribunal case #9854

In the fall of 2013, Bad Science Watch also applied for intervenor status in British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal case #9854, Citizens for a Safe Technology Society obo Una St. Clair and others vs. B.C. Hydro. The case centres on a class of BC residents claiming to suffer from “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” who felt that the cellular technology in Smart Meters, used to regulate electrical power in your home, was being installed without consideration of their supposed medical condition. We were denied intervenor status by the BC Human Rights Tribunal in what our legal counsel believes is a very thin argument, but this will not stop our efforts to combat this misinformation. In the event that this case is not dismissed entirely, Bad Science Watch and our advisers remain available to be called as an expert witness. All of the documents and correspondence surrounding our application may be viewed here: BC Human Rights Tribunal 2014 Intervenor Application

Project Members

Michael Kruse (Project Leader)

Michael is an advanced-care paramedic in York Region, just north of Toronto, Ontario. A theatrical lighting designer as well, he re-trained in 2005 as an EMT-Paramedic Specialist at the University of Iowa and as an advanced care paramedic at Durham College. Michael is currently enrolled at the University of Toronto working towards an undergraduate degree in physiology. Michael has been active in the science advocacy community for 3 years and blogs at and The Huffington Post. He is committed to a compassionate defense of science for the betterment of all Canadians.

Jason Locklin, B.Sc. M.A (Science Adviser)

Jason is currently completing a Ph.D. at the University of Waterloo in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience. His published research has included examination of visual-motor deficits resulting from concussion and stroke. He is currently working with stroke victims to understand how the brain utilizes tightly integrated vision and action systems to comprehend the spatial environment. He is interested in science and technology broadly, including electronics and radio-communication.

Rob Tarzwell, M.D. FRCPC (Science Adviser)

Robert is a Vancouver-based medical specialist who practices both psychiatry and nuclear medicine, with scholarly interests in psychotherapy outcomes research and functional brain-imaging in psychiatric disorders. He is also on the Clinical Faculty of the UBC School of Medicine. He has written and lectured publicly on the importance of vaccination and to counter the distortions of science made by anti-vaccine activists. He has also produced a number of articles with the intent of calming public anxiety about Fukushima radiation by directly tackling the gross misinformation that was spread by those hoping to profit from fear mongering. Robert’s motivation stems from his time in medical school when, for the first time in almost two generations, parents were bringing very sick children to hospital with Whooping Cough, a disease which had been stamped out by vaccination in the 1960’s. Vaccination refusal rates had been climbing due to local misinformation campaigns. This left a stark impression on him: bad science kills and maims. Prior to medical school, Robert was an air navigator in the Canadian Forces, with an operational tour on an anti-submarine warfare squadron and a staff tour at Air Command Headquarters.


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