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Message from Michael Kruse, Chair, Board of Directors

Professional, compassionate, forthright, rational, and accessible. Over the next few weeks, in a series of emails to our supporters, we’ll be exploring these core values that guide us in pursuing our mission. In our first major fundraising drive since our 2012 Founders’ Campaign, we hope that by sharing how these principles are reflected in our work and have enabled our recent successes, concerned Canadians like you will decide to pledge their support for us and become partners for change.

Over the last 2 years, our volunteers have worked hard to pursue research, communicate ideas, and conduct campaigns that have made a lasting impact on Canadian society. The Stop Nosodes campaign effected a modest but real change in Health Canada regulations and ignited a national conversation about the regulation of homeopathy in Canada. Our research into the effects of wireless communications on human health foreshadowed the findings of the Royal Society of Canada’s report on Safety Code 6, and our continuing efforts to reveal the inadequacies of the Natural Health Products Directorate’s “Pathway to Licensing” have gained Bad Science Watch recognition as a professional and capable organization. We cannot sustain these efforts, however, without your help.

Our executive director, Jamie Williams, is a volunteer, and our project leaders and committee members spend countless hours to ensure the high calibre of output from our activities, but this model cannot continue to grow on volunteers alone. Volunteers burn out. We have recruited many highly qualified and enthusiastic volunteers who are professional scientists and communicators, but like all of us they live busy lives and cannot commit indefinitely to our organisation, despite their unwavering support for the cause.

Our 5-year plan includes a fully staffed and paid executive that can devote time to establishing a presence on The Hill in Ottawa, communicate with the public, and ensure stable funding for years to come. This will require hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we must start building our capacity now. We cannot survive and grow as an organisation without expanding our budget through private funds from supporters like you. We continue to make efforts to find funding from other sources as well, but advocacy organisations like ours rarely fit into the mandates of educational charities, and donations from individuals like you will remain a vital source of support for years to come.

For these reasons – for our urgent need – we will continue in five separate emails over the coming weeks to ask you to commit to our future. Without your support we will not only stop growing, but will be in jeopardy of losing that which we have gained. I know that you want us to succeed; you have emailed, tweeted, and phoned us to tell us our voice is crucial in the landscape of Canadian policy and politics. Take the next step, please go to our support page and sign up for a monthly donation of $25 dollars, or as much as you are able.

Pledge your support, and enable us to continue to be your voice for good science in public policy.


Signature - Michael Kruse




Michael Kruse

Chair, Board of Directors

Bad Science Watch


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