To maintain its independence, avoid conflicts of interest and ensure the integrity of the organization’s work, Bad Science Watch has adopted the following policies:

Responsibility and Transparency

  1. The organization’s financial affairs shall be conducted in a responsible manner, consistent with the ethical obligations of stewardship and all applicable law.
  2. All donations shall be used to support the organization’s mission.
  3. The cost-effectiveness of the organization’s fundraising programs shall be reviewed regularly by the Board of Directors. All efforts will be made to minimize expense of administration and fundraising while maintaining effective management and resource development.
  4. The organization shall make the following information publicly available on its website within 6 months of its year end:
    1. total fundraising revenues;
    2. total fundraising expenses;
    3. total expenditures on activities/projects.

Donation Sources and Acknowledgement

  1. To maintain its independence and avoid conflicts of interest the organization:
    1. shall not accept donations from anonymous sources;
    2. shall not accept donations from representative bodies or companies in the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, or natural health product industries;
    3. shall only accept donations from the public sector, non-profit foundations, or businesses not related to those described above where they do not represent a potential conflict of interest.
  2. When the source or size of a donation may be perceived as affecting the independence of the organization, the organization shall negotiate terms of public disclosure.
  3. In all cases other than those described above, the organization shall honour donors’ requests to remain anonymous in respect to:
    1. being publicly identified as a supporter of the organization; and/or
    2. having the amount of their contribution publicly disclosed.

Donor Privacy

  1. The privacy of donors shall be respected. Any donor records that are maintained by the organization shall be kept confidential to the greatest extent possible. Donors shall have the right to see their own donor record, and to challenge its accuracy.
  2. Solicitations by or on behalf of the organization shall treat donors and prospective donors with respect. Every effort shall be made to honour their requests to:
    1. limit the frequency of solicitations;
    2. not be solicited by email or other means of communication;
    3. discontinue solicitations where it is indicated they are unwanted.

 Although not a charity itself, Bad Science Watch’s policies draw inspiration from Imagine Canada’s Ethical Code.

Income and Expenditures To Date


Notes on expenses:

  • The majority of the professional fees are associated with incorporation and are non-recurring.
  • The expenses incurred by the Launch Fundraising Campaign, conducted using the Peerbackers platform, include donor recognition gifts.
  • Bad Science Watch board members, advisers, and volunteers receive no compensation.

If you have questions about our fundraising or financial policy, please contact us.

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