The following people generously donated to our Founders’ Campaign in July and August 2012. Bad Science Watch is eternally grateful for their contributions:

Visionaries ($1000)

Carol Parlow

Principle Investigators ($250-$499)

Fred Bremmer

Research Assistants ($100-$249)

Jon Abrams

Ray Blessin

Benoit Gauthier

Scott Gavura

Christopher Hassall

John Monroe

Blythe Nilson

Richard Thain

Activists ($50-$99)

Jesse Brydle

Ian Bushfield

Chip Cherry

Tina Fetner

David Fowler

Mikael Gatje

Dr. Chris Hebbern

Nathaniel Kennedy and Family

Fiona McPhaden

Shanna Miller

Ken Milne

Douglas Morum

Dan Ostler

Adrian Powell

Robert Quickert

Peter Quin-Conroy

Kevin Saldanha

Dianne Sousa

Angela Squires

Chris Voysey

Jason Waywitka

R. Wheadon

Shawn Wilson

Advocates ($25-$49)

Michel Grou

Aaron Hawryluk

Sandra Marcroft

David McConnell

Trevor McKee

Cass Morrison

Catherine Ousey

Sharon Shasha

Carol Thomas

Michael Thomas

Greg VanderZanden

Defenders ($10-$24)

Behzad Elahi

Sandy Mayo

Gary McFarlane

Shawn Murray

Justin Shaw

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